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    FYUTCHAFLEX TV is an On Site advertising solution
    designed for retail and the Entertainment Industry.
    FYUTCHAFLEX TV is a real gift for business owners
    eager to reach their core audience.

22 Years of Fyutchaflex. 22 Years of Future Music.

Fyutchaflex (Now Fyutchaflex Private Equity - F.P.E. group LTD), originally a mere record label and events production company based in Montreal, Canada, was established in 1995 by Intoccabile, a world class musician and long time member of the Canadian underground music scene. Today, Fyutchaflex, a full-service music firm, with offices in Tokyo, offers to its clients complete IP, Asset, Identity, Data Management Services, along with Design and Education Solutions specifically tailored for retail and the Entertainment industry. Fyutchaflex also publishes premium audio/video content via beautiful, innovative, integrated proprietary platforms - Fyutchaflex Radio, Fyutchaflex TV and Fyutchaflex IPTV. Fyutchaflex is *the* full-service music firm.

成立于 1995 年的 Fyutchaflex 公司是一家总部设在加拿大蒙特利尔 的唱片厂牌和活动主办方,其创始人为世界闻名的音乐人 Intoccabile, 他同时也是加拿大地下乐坛最资深的音乐人之一。现在 Fyutchaflex 在加拿大和日本均设有办事处,并通过自主研发,界面美观、内容创 新的 Fyutchaflex 电台、电视台和网络电视台发布优质的音频和视频 内容。


Full Discography now available.

Finally! For the very first time since Fyutchaflex's inception, our full Discography is now available for licensing.

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Fyutchaflex TV is finally here, and it's unlike anything you have ever seen before! Click on the link below, sit back and relax!



The FPE Health Group is now open for business - this ushers a new era for Music Therapy!

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About Fyutchaflex

Fyutchaflex, the full-service music firm, is absolutely committed to publishing only the best material and providing the best services - aggressively raising the bar and setting the example for all others firms, incumbents and entrants alike.

Fyutchaflex 致力于发布最优秀的作品,旨在成为业界先驱,为先来 后至的同行树立典范,争夺日益萎缩的音乐市场。

"15 years ago we said, and we still believe that: Record labels will survive only if they diversify, become tech companies, aggressively invest in research, and pursue the development of integrated, proprietary technology and platforms. This is the path that we have chosen and we believe this is the right answer to an increasingly competitive environment."

About Fyutchaflex

Fyutchaflex, A full-service music firm, is at the epicenter of a brave new world, a world made up of proprietary technology, platforms, Solutions and content. No longer selling mere audio files but rather providing aural EXPERIENCES and Solutions for a variety of clients, venues and devices... there's a world of difference. The future looks bright, as the next step for us will be to fine tune the experiences and Solutions we are currently providing, as well as our systems and platforms.

Fyutchaflex 公司现在处在一个崭新世界的中心,这是一个由全新的 科技、平台和内容构建而成的世界。在这,我们不仅仅局限于售卖音 频文件,而是在不同的地点,通过各种终端设备为人们提供一种听觉 的享受,这是一个与众不同的世界。

What We Do
  • 5%
    Music Publishing and Licensing
  • 5%
    Education and Music Therapy Services
  • 30%
    Music IP, ID, Asset, Data Management
  • 50%
    Wealth Management for Musicians
  • 10%
    Augmented + Virtual Reality
What we see ahead - A Crisis of Accessibility
The Entkunstung

A Crisis of accessibility and overabundance - an overabundance of mediocrity, a dull ocean of grey sameness - threatens not only the essence of the music experience but also the very existence of the Music Industry as we know it. This Crisis is leading us, and fast, towards a musical Dark Age: the "Entkunstung" - the deartification of Music. But what can a lone firm hope to accomplish in the face of rising insensibility to Music?

The Way Forward

What Fyutchaflex can do is set the example: proceed rigorously and methodically in regards to all aspects of the musical experience. My sincere hope is that there will be people, out there, who will heed the call of Fyutchaflex and tune in - who will focus and listen, and give to great music, truly great music, the attention it deserves.

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The Solution? Our Platforms

Far from being "yet just another radio station" in a sea of radio stations, Fyutchaflex Radio proposes a new approach to Music Publishing, creatively and agressively blurring the lines between traditional publishing and the Radio business and as such disrupting both industries while bringing great value to listeners and advertisers. We are committed to bringing to our listeners only the best contemporary electronic music.

FYUTCHAFLEX TV is an On Site advertising solution for retail and the Entertainment Industry.

FYUTCHAFLEX IPTV integrates into a branded set-top box all Fyutchaflex Platforms: Fyutchaflex TV, Fyutchaflex Radio. There is nothing else like it on the market today. FYUTCHAFLEX IPTV is a powerful piece of hardware bundled with a beautiful, user-friendly graphical interface.

Products and Services

Fyutchaflex is a full-service music firm: we offer a slew of services and solutions, and among others...


Seminars and Classes

In March 2016, the AIM Music School opened its doors and what we aim for is to provide low-cost, universal music education to traditionally neglected audiences.

HD, VR, AR Streaming

Downloading low-quality mp3 files and even FLAC files to a pc or mobile device is a thing of the past. The Full Fyutchaflex catalog and much more is now available via streams for your listening pleasure and enriched with AR and VR content.

Design Services

We offer custom-made solutions for the Music, Entertainment and Educations Industries. Leave it to us!

Intellectual Property

Fyutchaflex possesses an immense IP Portfolio, mainly rooted in the Music and Education Industries.
Below is a sample of the properties we own.

  • Android Blues

    Music Portfolio
  • Paradigm X

    Music Portfolio

    Education Portfolio
  • Sekai World School

    Education Portfolio
  • Organized Grime

    Music Portfolio
  • Future Garage Vol. 1

    Music Portfolio
  • FPE Trading

    Asset Management Portfolio
  • Fyutchaflex Black Disc

    Music Portfolio
  • FPE Trading

    Asset Management Portfolio
  • Shrek's English Cafe

    Education portfolio
  • Entkunstung EP

    Music Portfolio
  • Shrek's Tour Service

    Education Portfolio

Contact Us

Fyutchaflex now operates from offices located in Tokyo,
with eyes on new properties in the Asia Pacific Region.

We are Listening.

Any questions, inquiries or requests related to the Fyutchaflex Repertoire, Licensing or Projects, should be directed to our email address. Let's get talking. Fyutchaflex is always looking to increase its footprint in the Asia Pacific region by networking with manufacturers, distributors or Startups currently active in the media, tech and education Industries.

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