Welcome to the Future.

A bit of History

21 Years of Fyutchaflex

Fyutchaflex, originally a record label and events production company based in Montreal, Canada, was established in 1995 by Intoccabile, a world class musician and long time member of the Canadian underground music scene. Today, Fyutchaflex, with offices in Tokyo, Seoul and Bangkok, publishes premium audio/video content via beautiful, innovative, integrated proprietary platforms - Fyutchaflex Radio, Fyutchaflex TV and Fyutchaflex IPTV. 成立于 1995 年的 Fyutchaflex 公司是一家总部设在加拿大蒙特利尔 的唱片厂牌和活动主办方,其创始人为世界闻名的音乐人 Intoccabile, 他同时也是加拿大地下乐坛最资深的音乐人之一。现在 Fyutchaflex 在加拿大和日本均设有办事处,并通过自主研发,界面美观、内容创 新的 Fyutchaflex 电台、电视台和网络电视台发布优质的音频和视频 内容。


Fyutchaflex is absolutely committed to publishing only the best material - aggressively raising the bar and setting the example for all others firms, incumbents and entrants alike. Fyutchaflex 致力于发布最优秀的作品,旨在成为业界先驱,为先来 后至的同行树立典范,争夺日益萎缩的音乐市场。


Innovation and Integration

Record labels will survive only if they become tech companies, aggressively invest in research, and pursue the development of integrated, proprietary technology and platforms. This is the path that we have chosen and we believe this is the right answer to an increasingly competitive environment.

  • Far from being "yet just another radio station" in a sea of radio stations, FYUTCHAFLEX RADIO, broadcasting online and via Frequency modulation, proposes a new approach to Music Publishing, creatively and aggressively blurring the lines between traditional publishing and the Radio business and as such disrupting both industries while bringing great value to listeners and advertisers.

  • FYUTCHAFLEX TV is an online TV channel streaming Electronic Dance Music videos and interviews, documentaries, tutorials, live events and much, much more. FYUTCHAFLEX TV is a great way for the public to get acquainted with the best Electronic Dance Music acts of today - and a real gift for label managers, producers and promoters eager to reach their core audience.

  • FYUTCHAFLEX IPTV: connected to your tv or monitor, Fyutchaflex IPTV gives you access to our platforms and content via a revolutionary graphical interface.

What lies ahead

Fyutchaflex is now at the epicenter of a brave new world, a world made up of proprietary technology, platforms and content. No longer selling mere audio files but rather providing aural EXPERIENCES for a variety of venues and devices... there's a world of difference. The future looks bright, as the next step for us will be to fine tune the experiences we are currently providing, our systems and platforms. Fyutchaflex 公司现在处在一个崭新世界的中心,这是一个由全新的 科技、平台和内容构建而成的世界。在这,我们不仅仅局限于售卖音 频文件,而是在不同的地点,通过各种终端设备为人们提供一种听觉 的享受,这是一个与众不同的世界。

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